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A chat with The Milton Arm’s Barista

With True North Coffee Week fast approaching, we’ll be gearing up for seven days of caffeine-fuelled fun. Between April 29th and May 5th customers can enjoy a coffee and a freshly-baked cinnamon bun for just £3.95, in addition to our regular selection of hot drinks.

We wanted to give you a closer look at how we do things here at The Milton Arms so we’ve asked our resident barista, Reece Dodson, to talk about what it takes to make a great coffee.

How long have you worked at The Milton Arms?

“I’ve worked at The Milton since it was reopened in December but have been making coffee at True North venues for 6 years. I’ve loved joining the team here in Elsecar and sharing my passion for making great coffee”

What is your favourite coffee to make?

“I’m not sure that I could pick one favourite but I definitely prefer making coffees which I can utilise latte art. When I see a coffee which has latte art on I think it's a sign of a good coffee and a great barista.”

What’s your favourite coffee to drink?

“It would have to be a flat white or a cortado as I like the milk to balance some of the acidity within coffee to release the underlying flavours hidden in the espresso.”

What do you think makes a good coffee?

I believe consistency in every cup and freshly ground coffee is the absolute base to make a great cup. Also, great crema shows the coffee at its peak of freshness, which gives it lovely visual colours, appealing aroma and the great coffee taste.”

How do you make a great coffee every time?

“Consistency is key! Adjusting the grind of the coffee depending on the beans, using the freshest ingredients available and ensuring that your coffee machine is always kept clean are all important ways of making sure your coffee tastes great every time.”

We’re excited to kick things off this Coffee Week so don’t forget to come down to join us and try one of our delicious coffees using our signature True North blend.

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